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How to integrate with Colombia’s Statistics system - TRA (IN BETA)
How to integrate with Colombia’s Statistics system - TRA (IN BETA)
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In Colombia, there is a system to register guest data for statistical purposes, called “Tarjeta de Registro de Alojamiento” (TRA) or: Accommodation Registration Card. It is mandatory for all accommodation establishments to register all of their guests (national and international) as a measure to improve security and provide the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Ministry statistical data on the travel industry.

In this article we will show you how to set this up in Chekin so that you can streamline guest data reporting from tourist accommodations in compliance with national regulations.

Step 1: Necessary Documentation

1 - Login to your Chekin dashboard and click on Properties, then click on the property you would like to activate TRA on.

2 - Click on ´Legal´ in the left hand menu.

3 - Click the toggle to activate Statistics.

4 - The fields ´Region and ´TRA Authorization Token´ will appear.

5 - From the ´Region´ dropdown menu, choose ´TRA´.

6 - In order to generate the token that you will need to add to the ´TRA Authorization Token´ field please visit the “PMS Token Request” page below and enter the RNT number of the property. The TRA will send your token to your email. Acces by clicking this button:

7 - Once you retrieve the token from your email, add it in the ´TRA Authorization Token´ field and click validate.

NOTE: click 'SAVE CHANGES' to save. If you do not save your changes, the information WILL NOT BE SAVED.

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