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How to activate Damage Protection
How to activate Damage Protection
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What it is?

We have partnered with Waivo, the world's top-rated vacation rental damage protection company, to bring you an innovative approach. Protection for your property that requires no guest involvement and prioritises both the host and the guest experience.

How to activate it?

Once logged in, go to the "properties" tab and click on your property to access the settings. Then just follow these steps to activate it:

1 - Go to the "Property Protection" section.

2 - Scroll down to the "Property Protection Program" dropdown, click on the blue arrow and choose "Damage Protection".

3 - Select the plan that best suits your needs. There you can review the policy, conditions and coverage.

4 - In the "Revenue" section, you can assign the extra revenue you want from the sale of each Property Protection plan. You will be able to see the final sale price.

5- Next, fill in the form and complete the legal information linked to the security plan.

6- Select whether the purchase of insurance is optional or compulsory. If it is compulsory, the booking will not be complete until the insurance has been paid.

7- In "External booking sources" (optional), you can exclude those bookings that do not have to pay the waiver.

8 - You can export the settings to other properties.

9 - Click "Save changes" on the property to save the data.

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