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YACAN Integration
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Quick Guidde

Connect with YACAN

You can connect your Chekin account with YACAN

in the Remote Access tab of your property

1. Go to "properties" in your dashboard

Go to

2. Select your property

Select your property

3. Go to "Remote Access" tab and activate it

Go to

4. Click "Upgrade to premium"

Click on the "Upgrade to premium" option.


5. Select "YACAN" in the dropdown


6. Click "Next"

Click on the "Next" button.


7. Enter your credentials

Add your username and password and click NEXT

Enter your credentials

8. Your YACAN account is connected

Your YACAN account is connected

9. Now you can add your doors

Click on "Add door" in the Remote Access tab.

10. Add your door

Choose the type of door and connect the external ID of the corresponding door.

Note: if you have a hotel type account, you have the possibility to add a common door and several private doors linked to your spaces.

This allows you that if you have a general access door, the system generates that door for all your bookings and that each private door has its own access that is only created for bookings assigned to that space.

For example, if you have a reservation in room 10, it generates the key for the common door and the private key for door 10; if you have a reservation in room 5, it generates another key for the common door and the corresponding key for space 5.

11. Add instructions to the message

You can add access instructions for your guests to receive along with the keys.

12. Choose when you want the keys to be sent to your guests

Among the different sending options you can program the one you prefer to send the keys to your guests, the most recommended would be "all guests have been registered".

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