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How to connect Chekin to SES Hospedajes platform
How to connect Chekin to SES Hospedajes platform
Updated over a week ago

In order to connect Chekin to you SES.Hospedajes platform you need to mark this option in your SES account and fill the form:

In this form you will see a box to let me know "send communications via webservice".

You must check this box to be able to connect the Hospedajes account with Chekin.

That way you will receive the credentials to send via "web service" the data from Chekin to SES.Hospedajes from the email address [email protected]

The message you will receive once you have completed the SES.Hospedajes registration will look like this:

Note: we have highlighted in yellow the details you need to add in Chekin in order

to establish the connection between the two platforms.

Important: even if you use a different username to log in, you must add the username that appears in the email with a "WS" at the end.

Remember if you don't have a SES.Hospedajes account that you can create it from here:

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