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How to connect Chekin with the Istat Puglia (Apulia)- DMS
How to connect Chekin with the Istat Puglia (Apulia)- DMS
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In order to connect your accommodation to the ISTAT Puglia, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to 'Accommodation' section;

2. Select the accommodation you want to configure. Remember that the configuration must be individual for each unit (properties) if you have more than one registered in Chekin;

3. Now go to the Accommodation section and then "Legal";

4. At the bottom you will see the ISTAT functionality, after activation you must select the option 'Puglia - DMS';

the number of rooms and beds available for rent as shown in the picture:

5. Save changes

At the moment the region of Puglia does not allow the data to be sent automatically (possible with the function "Alloggiati" instead).

Therefore we facilitate the generation of a unique XML report for each accommodation to be downloaded and which you will have to upload manually within your ISTAT account.

How can you download the file?

  1. Access the 'Reservations' section on the Chekin Dashboard;

2. Check the box 'More actions'.

3. Select "Download Puglia - SPOT Guest Reports" from the options;

4. You will now have to choose the property and select a date range. A report for ISTAT will be sent to your e-mail address in XML format that includes the data for the dates previously selected;

5. The XML file you will receive at the e-mail address associated with your Chekin account will then have to be uploaded manually to the "PUGLIA SPOT" site in order to be able to communicate your guests' attendance figures to ISTAT.

Unfortunately, due to a limitation of the SPOT web, it is not possible to add the data of several structures into a single XML file, so that if you manage several units, you will have to download an XML for each of them.

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