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Superhog Connection Guide
Superhog Connection Guide
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Superhog Connection Guide

Connect a Superhog account

How to connect an account:

1. Go to Marketplace > Property Protection.

2. Click 'Connect'. You will see an information pop-up window informing you that identity verification is required for this integration. Click 'OK'.

3. Enter your Superhog email address and password and click 'Connect'.

4. After the connection has been established, you will see a pop-up window will with a mapping to connect the properties on Chekin with the properties on Superhog.

Property Mapping

Since Superhog is organised by listings and bookings, the integration also synchronises the property data to match the bookings for a specific property.

The mapping shows all Superhog properties and gives the user the option of selecting the property on their Chekin account that will be linked to the Superhog property.

Note: Users may not select properties without activating identity verification to map the property; if you try to do it the property will not be selected and a warning message will be displayed to inform you that identity verification must be activated first.

The user must map each property on Chekin to the corresponding unit on Superhog.

Guest data and status

The flow of sending data to Superhog follows these steps:

• The guest is registered on Chekin with the identity verification process.
• The guest data and identity verification are sent to Superhog.
• Superhog processes the identity verification data. Meanwhile, Superhog's status on Chekin will be 'Pending'.
• Superhog returns the verification status as Approved or Rejected.
• The status is updated in the reservation automatically.

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