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First steps
First steps to set up your account
First steps to set up your account

Please find below a guide to configure the account once created:

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Setup your account and guests registration

The first thing you have to do is to complete the setup of your properties.

Here's how you can add reservations into Chekin dashboard:

Then, one important step is to activate the online check-in:

We advise you to perform all transactions online to save time and increase your guests’ satisfaction. However, if you prefer to register the guests by yourself, please follow those steps:
Add a guest - Guide
Add a guest - Video

You can register your guests also by using our mobile app that you can download at these links:
download iOS app
download Android app

How to automate the whole check-in process? Activate Chekin premium features!

Identity verification

We verify your guests identity during the online check-in.
You have the possibility to choose between 2 options:

  1. Official Document + Selfie: request your guests to take a real time selfie and a picture of their official document (which can also be uploaded). Both pictures will be compared through biometric match technology.

  2. Official Document Only: your guests will be requested to upload or take a picture of their official document. OCR technology will read the MRZ code on the document to validate it.


Increase your income from each reservation and improve your guests' experience by giving them a chance to buy experiences, products and services. With this feature, they can now efficiently plan their stay, which will ultimately improve their reviews on OTAs’ website for your listings.


Require your guests to enter their debit/credit card details during the online check-in to protect you from damage to your accommodation.
You can choose between 2 options:
- 0 € pre-authorization: we simply check that the card used is valid but no amount is blocked; you have up to 1 week after check-out to charge your guests for any damages;
- block a desired amount on the card: with this option the desired amount is blocked on the guest card up to a week after check-out. In case of damage, you can charge your guests with a single click.

Tourist Taxes

Add to your online check-in the calculation of the right amount of taxes to be paid by your guests, taking into account all the variables (nights of stay, age, maximum taxable nights, specific exemptions, etc.). They can pay with a debit or credit card

Remote Access

Connect Chekin to your remote access solution and automate sending virtual keys to your guests when you desire to do so.
You can check all the solutions we are integrated with:

Bookings Payment

Collect the amount due of the reservation during the online check-in.
Your guests can pay with a debit or credit card.

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