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ISTAT - How to connect Chekin to Ross1000/Turismo5
ISTAT - How to connect Chekin to Ross1000/Turismo5

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Chekin is officially connected to ROSS1000/Turismo 5 by GIES via web service.

In order to send data via webservice you have to complete this section in the Properties tab of Chekin for each unit you manage:

The username and the password are the ones you use to login into your ROSS1000/Turismo5 account.

If you are now accessing with SPID only you will have then to get a password by clicking here:

Add your username and password in Chekin.

If it does not work we recommend you to reach out to [email protected] from GIES, the platform of the istat, telling him that you want to send the data from Chekin to istat via web service and you need a username and a password.

You will also need to complete the Codice Struttura field with the code that the unit has in your istat account. You will find this information in the section Anagrafica > Gestione Strutture in the column Codice Struttura.

You will also need to add in Chekin these two data:

  • Room quantity

  • Beds quantity

The correct data to enter in these two fields are those you find in your Turismo5/ROSS1000 account in the section Anagrafica > Gestione Strutture. Here you will have to click into the right unit and once inside you will find the values "Room quantity"(= Tot. Camere) and "Beds quantity"(= Tot. Letti) here:

Add all this data in Chekin, then click on Validate and then on Save Changes.

From this moment Chekin will send for you the data to ROSS1000/Turismo5 at 11pm of the check-in date.

You will find the guests data in the tab Storico Ospiti of the ISTAT website and the occupancy data in the tab Check-in>Gestione Disponibilità

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