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List of features available in Chekin
List of features available in Chekin

In this article you will find information about Chekin's tools. It includes information on basic features and premium features.

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  1. Basic features

  2. Premium features

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Basic features

Online Chekin

How the Online Check-in works for you and your guest.

How to activate contracts

In this brief guide we will explain how you can activate contracts in your Chekin account.

How the police connection works

If the country of your property requires to register the guests through a police account, then you can connect your account with your property in CheKin to automate the process.

How do iCal Work in Chekin?

What are iCals and how they work in Chekin to create reservations automatically.

Connect a Stripe Account for Payments

Connect your Stripe account or quickly create an account in the connection process to link your Chekin balance with.

Premium features

Activate and Setup Tourist Taxes

How to activate tourist taxes on your property to charge the amount to your guests.

Activate Security Deposit

How to activate security deposit to collect the deposit amount in the Online Check-in and how it works.

Activate and configurate Remote Access

In this brief article we outline how to activate Remote Access with smart locks in your Chekin account.

Activate Booking Payments and Extra Services

How to activate the reservation payment function and extra services for your guests to make payments through Online Check-in.

What is upselling? Introductory guide

Upselling is a tool that allows you to offer personalised guest experiences. Resulting in higher profit margins on every booking.

Videos of interest

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