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When is my deposit released?
When is my deposit released?
Updated over a week ago

In order to protect themselves, hosts may ask you during the online check-in to add your credit/debit card details: money will be blocked on your card until 1 week after the check-out.

But how it works in details? Please pay attention to all the points below:

1 - During the online check in we ask you to add a credit/debit card in order to block a deposit on it.

2 - Once the card is validated, it starts the pre-authorisation to hold the money and you will notice in your bank account a negative movement (e.g.: -500€)

3 - This pre-authorisation will be active for 7 days and, if the check out has not yet taken place, a new amount will be blocked for additional 7 days.

4 - The first authorisation is cancelled before we create the new one but the release may not be reflected in your bank for a couple of days, so you may see 2 movements at the same time: don't worry, the previous one has already been released, it is just your bank that may show the release with some delay. Once the bank processes the release the movement disappears: don't expect so to see a positive movement (e.g: +XX€), what will happen is that the previous negative movement -XX€ will disappear from your account.

5 - We block money on the card until 7 days after the check-out, on that date we make the last release; even in this case if there is some delay it is due to the fact that your bank is still processing the release and will update the list of movements in your bank account maybe some days after.

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