Types of Deposits

Choose your preferred process to collect deposits

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  • Guest completes the online check-in where they will be asked to add credit/debit card details for the deposit;

  • The amount desired by you will be retained on the guest card;

  • You have up to 30 days to collect the deposit or up to 7 days from check-out date, whichever comes first. If 1 week has passed since the check-out date, there is no option to make any charge.

The amount is retained by generating a pre-authorisation each 7 days. Every 7 days the existing pre-authorisation expires, once that pre-authorisation expires a new one is created. There will never be 2 pre-authorisations in use at the same time.

In some banks these pre-authorisations appear as payments, so when they are renewed weekly the guests can receive a notification from the bank and they may think that they have for a second time another amount blocked but it's not like that, we block the amount the second time only once the first pre authorization has expired.


  • Guest checks in

  • Then the payment gateway appears where the cost of the deposit is informed.

  • The operation is made with the bank, which shows that the amount to be charged is 0€ (no withholding or collection is made).

If you want to make a charge to the deposit, this pre-authorisation is used. The operation is carried out as if it were a normal payment but with the particularity that the client does not have to accept the operation.

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