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Transfer Payments Balance to Bank Account
Transfer Payments Balance to Bank Account

How to transfer money from your Chekin account balance to your bank account.

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Activating payments in your account allows you to charge your guests using Online Check-in to make the payment. This applies to the booking payments, tourist taxes and security deposits.

All the payments of your guests accumulate in a balance in your Chekin account that you can see in the payment settings within the general settings.

Balance Summary

Transfer Balance (SEPA)

Important: There's a 0.10 €EUR fee whenever you make a transfer, no matters the quantity of the transfer (if its' 1.00 €EUR or 1,000.00€EUR, for example).

You can transfer the balance in Chekin to your bank account, to do this:

1 - Go to the "Payment settings" section.

2 - Click on the "Transfer to my bank" button.

Transfer button

3 - Then select the amount you want to transfer. It cannot exceed the maximum of your balance.

4 - Click Finish.

The selected amount will be transferred to the IBAN added to your account.

Note: For SEPA transfers, the amount will be reflected between 3 and 7 business days in your bank account.

Stripe Transfers

If you are connected with Stripe, you won't see the "transfer" button.

Stripe accounts works different from SEPA transfers. Since your Stripe is connected to the payments system, all transactions goes directly to your Stripe account, so Stripe is in charge to send you the money to you bank account.

Balance flow

  • Chekin > Stripe

  • Stripe > Your bank

Important: Please note that Stripe has different periods to transfer money to your bank account. For more information, please contact Stripe support.

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