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SALTO Integration

Learn how the integration between SALTO and Chekin works

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This is a quick guide to show you how to connect your SALTO account to Chekin!

First thing you have to do is accessing your Chekin account from the login page

Then go to the "properties" section:

Enter to your property configuration and follow this steps:

1 - Scroll down and find Remote Access section, click on Connect:

2 - Once activated, a pop-up window will appear asking you to select how many properties to activate the functionality on and the total cost of the tool.

3 - Next, you must select your smart lock provider, SALTO.

4 - Once you have selected it, click on "next" and you will see this pop up.

5 - Once you have selected it, Chekin will ask you for the IP Adress and Port to establish the connection. You can add a name to the account if you wish.

6 - if the credentials are correct, you will then get another pop-up notifying you that the account has been successfully added.

7 - Click save.

After that you will be able to connect Chekin properties to SALTO keys. Go to the properties section and click in the property where you want to activate Remote Access.

Configuring the door

Once you have connected your Chekin account with SALTO, you will need to select the gateway for that property for us to send codes to your guests.

Note: we will show you later on the email sending possibilities we offer you.

To link your door to your property, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Find the "Doors" section in the "Remote Access" section.

  2. Click on the "add door" button.

  3. A pop-up window will open in which you will have to select the type of door, its ID and the name you are going to give it in Chekin.

  4. Among the door types you will have to choose between: building door; flat door; smart box; unknown.

  5. Choose the door corresponding to your property in the ID section.

  6. Enter the name of the door.

  7. Click on "add".

  8. Click on "save".

Configuring the sending of emails and where to check it

Just below the section where you add the doors associated to that property you will find the email settings section that your guests will receive with the door access codes.

You have the option to add text instructions and select the timing of sending these codes.

Note: you can select all available options, although you should be aware that some may interfere with each other, such as the options "after all guests have registered" and "when the main guest has registered".

Which SALTO locks are covered with this integration?

All the X24 2.0 models can be covered:

  • XS4 One

  • XS4 Mini

  • XS4 AElement

  • XS4 Fusion Fusion

  • NEO Cylinder

  • Wall readers

  • XS4 Original units

  • GEO Cylinder

The condition anyway to cover those models are the following:

- the host needs to have an OnPremise Salto Space system;

- guests will need to download JustIN app for doors opening;

- no magnet cards in the flow.

Also, additional info about how the integration works:

- Chekin needs to know the guest phone number → that means that for example if the host uses a PMS integration then Chekin needs to get from the PMS the lead guest phone number;

- Guest should jump into the online check-in only once he has already downloaded JustIn app and he has signed up in this app with his phone number, which has to be the same of the one synced in Chekin in the specific reservation.

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