Rentlio Integration

Learn how the integration between Rentlio and Chekin works

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  1. Registration in Chekin

  2. Login and setup of your Chekin account with the rentlio property

  3. End of trial period: how to subscribe

  4. How to disconnect from Chekin

  5. Which info is synced with the integration and which are CheKin main features?

  6. How to get support from Chekin Team

  7. FAQs


In order to connect rentlio to Chekin please follow these steps:

1 - Visit Chekin registration page and select the type of accommodations you have in your Rentlio account; choose one of the first 2 options shown in the picture below:

2 - After this, select the number of accommodations or rooms you manage via Rentlio.

3 - You will be asked if you use any PMS or Channel Manager, select Rentlio and click on CONTINUE:

4 - Add the token from your Rentlio account and select the email address you prefer for your Chekin account, it can be different to the one you use in Rentlio:

You can find the token in rentlio in the developer section:

If everything is correct you’ll receive an email with your password to access CheKin’s Web Dashboard. We suggest you to change the password in the Account section.

Login and setup of your CheKin account

On your first log in, you will see all your listings and bookings with a check-in date in the future be imported automatically from rentlio and you will get a message that sum it up:

First thing you have to do is going to PROPERTIES section:

If status is “Incomplete” for some of them, click on the property and follow these steps:

1 - Property information: complete any information missing from your property (this is needed to generate the guest registration form).

2 - Police and Statistics Connection: In this section, add your Authorities account credentials in case you are required in your country to send data to Police and Statistics Institute. You will see in the section if a police login is available for your country. If yes, please add your police account credentials (in case you don't have them make sure to reach out to your local authorities as soon as possible to get an account) and enable the toggle to automatically send them guest data. In case you have more properties registered under the same account, once you click on VALIDATE, a new field called “Property” will be shown; there you have to pick the corresponding property in the Authorities website.

3 - Online CheKin: Allow CheKin to send automatically an Online registration request to your guests! When do you want to reach out to them? Pick up the scheduling options that best fit your specific case:

4 - Contracts: In this section you can activate the generation of Short Rental Agreement between you and the lead guest for any reservation:

Once you have added all this info don’t forget to click on SAVE CHANGES. Repeat the process for all your properties and after this you will be ready to use CheKin Dashboard!

End of trial period: how to subscribe

Once you connect to CheKin you have a trial period of 2 weeks where you can register all the guests you receive in your accommodations.

When the trial ends, you need to complete your subscription to continue using the service. You can do this from the Billing section of your CheKin dashboard:

In order to subscribe after the trial, simply click on “Subscribe” and follow these steps:

  1. First, select the number of rooms or properties (for vacation rentals) of your subscription. The minimum for hotel plan is 10 rooms;

  2. Then, select your preferred billing period. You can choose between a monthly or a yearly subscription;

  3. Lastly, introduce your credit card’s details and proceed to pay for the subscription;

  4. Your CheKin subscription is complete!

Once you have an active subscription and a valid payment method, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the period. You can change between monthly and yearly subscription whenever you want, and any changes in the number of active rooms or properties will automatically update your subscription so CheKin will charge you only for the active properties or rooms during the corresponding period. In the Billing section you can also check past invoices.

How to disconnect from CheKin

You can cancel your CheKin subscription at any time you want, by going to the Billing section of your dashboard and clicking on “Cancel Plan”:

This will stop your account from renewing automatically, but you will be able to access it until the end of the paid period.

After this, you can disconnect from CheKin integration: go to the the “APPS AND INTEGRATIONS” section of your Cloudbeds account, search for CheKin and click on “Disconnect”.

How to get support from CheKin Team

If you have any doubts or find issues along the process, you can easily get help from your dashboard by clicking on “Help” at the top banner. You have 2 options: visit our help center or chat with us. You can also use the chat by clicking in the icon on the bottom right corner:

Also, you can send an email to [email protected]

Let’s sum it up: which info is synced with the integration and which are CheKin main features?

  • All rentlio listings and bookings are reflected on the CheKin dashboard too and if some info changes on rentlio side it is automatically updated on CheKin too;

  • Online CheKin: you can stay relaxed, your guests will register their data online before the arrival;

  • Legal compliance solved: forget about the manual registration of guests data on authorities websites and manual fulfillment of several docs, CheKin will take care of everything


I am a Chekin user already, can I use my existing account for the rentlio integration?

Unfortunately not, the connection with Rentlio requires to create a new Chekin account. So download all the documentation from the old one and then connect to Chekin via Rentlio. Contact us in order to delete your former account.

How can I add bookings to my Chekin account?

All your Rentlio bookings will be synced in your Chekin account, so you don’t need to generate them again!

Is the information of my guests sent to the police automatically?

Yes! If you have added the police credentials into your property then Chekin will send guests data automatically to police at 11 pm of the check-in date.

Can I force the guests data sending to the Authorities?

If you prefer, you can force the police registration from your booking information, as long as the conditions required by the police are met. For example, you can not send registrations before the check-in date for most police corps.

Can I access the registration documents after the check-in date?

Besides the registration process and the guests data sending to the authorities for available countries, Chekin also acts as a store cloud for the documentation of your check-ins. You can access all your guests info from the Documents section in your Dashboard.

The scanner doesn’t read my guest’s document, why?

Our scanner can read only the documents that contain the MRZ code (Machine Readable Zone).

Note: The result of the scanning depends on a lot of factors such as the lighting conditions, the quality of the picture, etc.

I am using the mobile app (Chekin) but I can’t change some settings of my account/properties

The app is only for managing reservations and registering guests. All your properties and account settings, as well as the documentation and billing information of your account can be managed from the online Dashboard.

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