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Payments Activation and Setup
Payments Activation and Setup

Activate and connect payments so you can charge your guest for tourist taxes, deposits and other additional payments.

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If you want to activate any function related to payments (Booking payments, tourist taxes or security deposits) you must first activate the payment settings so that you can enable the online payments.

If you do not activate the payment settings, you will not be able to charge your guests or transfer the balance to your bank account.

We currently have 1 options to activate payments: Connect a Stripe account

Stripe is one of the largest payment gateways on the market. With Chekin you can connect your Stripe account so that the accumulated balance of your guests' payments is transferred directly to your account.

Transaction Fees

Our payment service has a commission system for each transaction, the commissions depend on the option you choose.

This applies to every transaction on the booking payments and tourist taxes features.

Tip: When activating any payment feature you have the option to select if the transaction fee will be paid by the guest.

  • General commission: 1% for each transaction

Important: Chekin's commission is independent of the commissions that Stripe charges for each transaction, for more information contact a Stripe representative.

  • Example: If your guest pays 100 $USD, 95.80 $USD will be added to your balance, subtracting the 3.9% commissions (1% Chekin and 2.9% + 0.30 $USD*).

*Example taken fromStripe's official website, percentages and rates varies depending on your region.

Payments setup

To start the process go to settings and select "Payment" in the left menu. If it is your first time, you will only see the button to connect with Stripe.

Connect a Stripe account

Note: If you don't have a Stripe account, you can create one immediately without leaving Chekin.

In this article you can see how to connect or create a Stripe account step by step.

The connection is direct with Stripe and by connecting you give Chekin permission to transfer money to your Stripe account as well as make refunds if necessary.

  • Chekin sends the balance of payments to Stripe

  • Stripe transfers payments to your bank account.

All transactions will be added directly to your Stripe account balance minus the comission from Chekin, so you'll have control of all the incomes.

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