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Online Check-in Feature

How the Online Check-in works for you and your guest

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Online Check-in is a feature that allows you to send a registration page to the guests so they can complete their personal information prior to arrival, giving you enough time to review their information and provide a better experience.

You can either send the link via email or you can copy the link to share it with your guests if using other communications methods.

Tip: The online check-in page adapts perfectly for mobile devices, so no matter where the guest opens the link.

Send Online Check-in email

Manual sending

As mentioned before, you can send an email to the guest with just one click. The email uses a default template with some brief information about your proeprty and a button with the registration form.

To send the email:

  • Select the booking you want to send the online check-in to the guest.

  • Scroll down to the Online Check-in section and add the guest email, in case this is empty.

  • Select the language for the email and online check-in. There are 9 available languages.

  • Click the buton "Send online check-in"

You'll see a quick message about "emails sent" and the box that says "email already sent" will increase from 0 to 1. This number will continue increasing everytime you send an email.

Automatic sending

You have the option to automate the email sending to your guest and select different options to send reminders until the guest complete the registration. The options are:

  • When the reservation is created

  • One week before

  • 72 hours before

  • 48 hours before

  • 24 hours before

You can select as many options as you want.

Important: Changing the the settings on the booking will update the general settings on the property. All other reservations for the same property will have the same values activated.

Copy link

Every booking has it's own unique link to associate the registrations to the specific booking. You can copy the link and send it directly to your guest if you have the communication somewhere else (SMS, Whatsapp, personal email, etc.) and you prefer to not use our default email. The link opens the registration form of the reservation.

How does the process look?

Email template

If you sen the email using the dashboard or if you activated the autmatic sending, the guest will recieve an email. Here's a sample:

Email subject: "Check-in Online available for your reservation in {property_name}"

When the guest click the button it will open the registration web page.

Note: If you send an email for a specific language, the guest could always change it from the top right corner.

Registration page

Whether if you sent the link using the email template or if you copied the link and shared it the registration web page is the same, remember that every booking has its own unique link.

The page consists on few steps:

1 - Confirm booking details: For reference so the guest can identify and confirm the booking. Includes check-in/check-out dates and the number of guest to register, guests could change the number if needed.

2 - Add personal data: Guest information that is requried to complete, the rquired fields are the same as the dashboard.

3 - Add signature/accept terms: Can be completed using the mouse or if open in mobile, with the finger to draw the signature. There's also a checkbox with the terms and privacy policies that guest must accept.

4 - Share/add more guests: After success the guest has the option to add more guest immediately or share the link to the rest of the members if they are separated.

Note: In order to correctly share the online check-in link guest must use the "share" option from the page, or use the link you sent to them, copying the URL from the browser won't open the page.

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