Onboarding Integrations Guide

A quick guide to help you through the first steps to set up your account.

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Welcome! We are glad you have opted for our solution! In this quick guide we'll show you how to use the Web Dashboard in few steps. Here's the link:


First you have to register an account with Chekin. To do so, just follow these simple steps:

1 - Visit Chekin registration page and clic on "Register for free". Add your basic Chekin account details and click continue.

2 - Then, select the type of property you have in your PMS account and the total number of properties/rooms.

3 - You will be asked if you use any PMS, select your PMS and click on continue.

Note: some PMS have an extra step to add a key, if you are not prompted for a key you will be redirected to a screen to add your PMS credentials and link the two platforms.

Then, you will see a popup explaining that your properties and bookings have been imported from your PMS. Now, you can start the set up:

  1. Setup properties

  2. Bookings

  3. Add guests

  4. Other features

  5. FAQ

Setup of your properties

The first thing you need to do is to set up your properties. These will be imported from your PMS during the creation of your account.

For integrations that require you to create the properties, click here.

  • Property information: The required data is needed to generate the guest registration form.

  • Police Connection: Connect the account credentials from your local authorities to send data automatically.

  • Statistics Connection: Connect your account to send data to your local Statistics Institute.

  • Online Check-in: Send automatically an online registration form to your guests. Pick up the scheduling options that best fit your needs.

  • Self check-in: Connect your smart locks and enable the biometric match to offer a contactless registration to your guests.

  • Contracts: Activate the generation of Short Rental Agreement between you and the lead guest for any reservation.

  • iCals connection: Add the iCal link from Boking.com and/or Airbnb to create bookings automatically.

Once you have added all this info don’t forget to click on SAVE CHANGES.

Note: for a detailed guide, visit the next link: "Edit Property".


Since your account is integrated to your PMS, the bookings will be automatically imported to your Chekin account, with the available details. You can manage them from the "Bookings" view of the dashboard and app. You can also edit any information about the reservation and check the data of the registered guests

Note: for a detailed guide visit the next link: "Bookings view".

Add guests

Now that you have bookings created, you can start adding guest for registration. You have 2 ways to add guests:

  • Send the online check-in to your guests for self registration.

  • Add guests manually from the web dashboard.

Adding guest with online check-in

Send an online registration t your guests so they can complete their personal information before their arrival. You can either send the link via email or you can copy the link to share it with your guest.

  1. Select the booking you want to send the online check-in to the guest.

  2. Scroll down to the "Online Check-in" section and add the guest email.

  3. Click the button "Send online check-in"

  4. Alternatively, Click on "Copy link" and paste it somewhere else.

You can automate this process from the property settings

Adding guest from the web dashboard

Now let’s see how you can manually register your guests in the dashboard.

  1. Select a booking

  2. Click the "Register Guest" button or click direclty on the guest space

  3. Add guests data manually or click the "Scan ID/Passport" button to quickly capture the document data.

  4. Click "Register guest" to save the data.

Important: If you have activated the police connection, the guest data will be sent automatically to your account on check-in date at 23:00 of the property's country local time.If you are testing the guest registration delete the guest before is sent to the police.

To send guest data immediately you can click on "Send manually" located on the booking status under "Police (Check-in)" panel.

Note: for a detailed guide visit the next links: "Add guest from dashboard" and "Online check-in".

Other features

Booking status

In the Booking status section inside a booking you will be able to check if guest has completed the Online Check-in, if there're missing guests, if data have been sent to Authorities and which is the registration status, etc.


The registration form will be automatically generated in PDF each time you add a guest. All files are stored in the DOCUMENTS page, same for the contracts.

Self Check-in(Premium Feature)

Self Check-in automates the guest identification and remote access to the property during the online check-in process.It also allow you to ask your guests to take a selfie and a picture of the ID and grant access to the property using smart locks.


Is the guest data sent to the police automatically?

Yes! If you have added the police credentials into your property then Chekin will send guests data automatically to police at 23:00 of the check-in date.

Can I send the guests data manually the police?

Yes, you can force the data sending to the police, there's an options inside the booking details, as long as the conditions required by the police are met.

Can I access the registration documents after the check-in date?

Yes, the documents are store on Chekin's cloud storage and available at any time for download.

How does the scanner works?

Our scanner can only read the documents that have the MRZ code (Machine Readable Zone), in passports you can find it on the main page and in IDs are usually on the back. The result of the scanning depends on factors such as the lighting conditions, the quality of the camera/picture, etc. Click in this link to learn more about the MRZ.

Here's a sample of an ID:


The mobile app (CheKin Lite) has the same features as the dashboard?

The mobile app is focused to manage reservations and registering guests onsite. More complex features such as properties, documents and billing can only be managed from the web dashboard.

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