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Learn how the integration between Mews and Chekin works

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Welcome! We are glad you have opted for our solution! This is a quick guide to help you connecting your Mews account to Chekin and configurate your Chekin account properly.


  1. Registration in Chekin and connection

  2. Set up

  3. End of trial period: how to subscribe

  4. How to disconnect from Chekin

  5. Which info is synced with the integration and which are Chekin main features?

  6. FAQs


In order to connect Mews to Chekin you first have to get in Mews your Access Token.

Once you have it, to connect with Chekin do the following:

1 - Visit Chekin registration page and clic on "Register for free". Add your basic Chekin account details and click continue.

2 - Then, select the type of property you have in your Mews account and the total number of properties/rooms.

3 - You will be asked if you use any PMS, select Mews and click on continue.

4 - Finally, you have to add the Mews API key to connect both platforms. When you add it, click on "connect with Mews".

How to get the API key?

When you connect in Mews to our integration, which needs an access token, Mews will automatically send the token to us. You can also find the access token in your integration settings in your Mews account:

  1. Go to Main menu > Marketplace.

  2. Click on My subscriptions.

  3. Find Chekin integration and click on Edit.

  4. Click the key icon in the upper right corner.

  5. Paste the API token in Chekin.

Login and setup of your Chekin account

On your first log in you will land on the mapping screen. There are 2 columns: on the left you will see all the units you have in Mews and on the right you have to link each of them with Chekin properties.

If you have a hotel/hostel/camping you have to create next to the first unit the property and then link all the rooms/units to the property you have just created in case they belong to the same one; if for example they belong to 2 different hotels you have to create 2 properties and link each room to the corresponding one. We will assign a space within the property for each unit you link with it. If your units are apartments you have to create in Chekin a property for each single unit.

To create a new property select any Mews unit and in the dropdown click on “Create property”: a new property will be generated with the name of the selected unit and it will be available between the dropdown options.

If you want to assign a room to a property that you have already created, click on the dropdown and select one of the options. Click on “Unlink” if you didn’t assign the unit to the correct property at first.

When you’re ready, click on “Done”. You will finally access the dashboard, where you will be able to manage your reservations. Before jumping on it, you will need to complete the set-up of the account.

We made a whole guide dedicated to the set up of your account after the integration. If you want to check it out, you can do it here:

End of trial period: how to subscribe

Once you connect to Chekin you have a trial period of 2 weeks where you can register all the guests you receive in your accommodations.

When the trial ends, you need to complete your subscription to continue using the service. You can do this clicking on "subscribe now".

In order to subscribe after the trial, simply click on “Subscribe” and follow these steps:

1 - First, select the number of rooms or properties (for vacation rentals) of your subscription. The minimum for hotel plan is 10 rooms.

2 - Then, select your preferred billing period. You can choose between a monthly or a yearly subscription.

3 - Lastly, introduce your credit card’s details and proceed to pay for the subscription.

4 - Your Chekin subscription is complete!

Once you have an active subscription and a valid payment method, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the period. You can change between monthly and yearly subscription whenever you want, and any changes in the number of active rooms or properties will automatically update your subscription so Chekin will charge you only for the active properties or rooms during the corresponding period. In the Billing section you can also check past invoices.

How to disconnect from Chekin

You have to access to your Chekin account to see the information about your subscription. You must access on our website. When you have access to your account, you must click on account configuration.

Next, you must go to your "billing" section. Here you can find a panel with basic information about you subscription tittled "current plan". This panel includes data about the plan you have choosen (hotel or housings), the number of properties or rooms you have and the type of subscription you have contrated (monthly or yearly).

Here you can cancel your plan in case you have decided to stop using our software (cessation of professional activity, dissatisfaction with our product, properties selling, price...).

Let’s sum it up: which info is synced with the integration and which are Chekin main features?

  • All Mews listings and bookings are reflected on the Chekin dashboard too and if some info changes on Mews side it is automatically updated on Chekin too;

  • Online Chekin: you can stay relaxed, your guests will register their data online before the arrival;

  • Self Chekin: in case you allow remote access to your accommodation Chekin will help you requiring your guests to verify online their identity with a biometric match technology included in this premium feature

  • Legal compliance solved: forget about the manual registration of guests data on authorities websites and manual fulfillment of several docs, Chekin will take care of everything


I am a Chekin user already, can I use my existing account for the Mews integration?

Unfortunately not, the connection with Mews requires to create a new Chekin account. So download all the documentation from the old one and then connect to Chekin via Mews. Contact us in order to delete your former account.

How can I add bookings to my Chekin account?

All your Mews bookings will be synced in your Chekin account, so you don’t need to generate them again!

How frequently bookings are synced in Chekin?

All your Mews bookings are updated in your Chekin account every 3 hours.

Is the online check-in link retrieved in my Mews account so I can add it to my PMS auto emails/messages?

For this integration we don’t send the online check-in link back to the PMS.

Is Chekin sending guests data back to my Mews account?

Yes, we do send guests data back to Mews in the guest profile for all the guests of a reservation:

These are the data we send back to Mews:

  • Name, surname and second surname

  • Gender

  • Nationality

  • Birthdate and birth place

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Residence (address, city, postal code, country)

  • Document (number, type, expiration date, issue date, issue country)

Is Chekin able to retrieve the source of the booking from Mews? (e.g.:, Airbnb, Direct Booking)

No, for this integration we do not sync the booking source from the PMS.

Is Chekin available on mobile devices?

Yes, we also have a mobile app you can download from these links:

I am using the mobile app but I can’t change some settings of my account/properties

The app is only for managing reservations and registering guests. All your properties and account settings, as well as the documentation and billing information of your account can be managed from the online Dashboard.

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