Datahotel Integration

Connect your DataHotel account with your Chekin account

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Initial configuration in Chekin

First, you need to have a Chekin account. If you don't have one yet, you can sign up for free from the link below:

Once you have your Chekin account, you can start configuring it to integrate it with your DataHotel account

To do this, you just need to create your hotel in Chekin, and configure the property data and the registration of the authorities, as well as customise the online chekin.

When you have finished setting up your hotel in Chekin, you can finally connect it to your Data Hotel account within Chekin.

Conection with DataHotel


The first thing to do is to enter your Chekin registration details in the Checkin Online section

In User (email) and Password we will inform our registration data in the Chekin system.

Establishment: We will select the establishment linked to our registration data.

Test mode, send everything to: You can enter your own email address so that all the tests you carry out with the system send the check-in email to this account instead of the one entered in the booking.

How it works

Whether we have created the booking directly in the PMS or we have received it through the connection system that we have configured (Channel, Booking Engine), the booking enters the online reception system as long as we have an e-mail address to send the Check-in e-mail.

The booking button

allows you to check the data entered in Chekin. If the guest has not yet entered any data, the system will inform you with a message.

The email message to enter the check-in data will be sent according to the settings in the Chekin dashboard.


  • How do I add my bookings to Chekin?
    Your accounts are synchronised so bookings are imported from dataHotel.

  • Is the data stored in Chekin sent to dataHotel?
    Yes, all your guest data is sent to your dataHotel account.

Is Chekin available for mobile?

Yes! You can download the apps from here

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