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How to connect your Chekin account with Feratel
How to connect your Chekin account with Feratel

In this article we explain how to activate the police connection in your Chekin account and connect to Feratel to register your guests

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Activate the Police Connection

In order to connect Chekin to your Feratel account you first have to reach out to the municipality office and tell them you will send data to Feratel through Chekin (company code VTCH3K1N). They will have to activate on your Feratel account the connection to Chekin and provide you with a community number (Gemeinde) and a mapping code (Objektcode).

In Chekin the community number (Gemeinde) is the username; the Mapping code (Objektcode) is the password.

1 - You must go to the dashboard and access the "properties" tab and enter the property configuration.

2 - Then you have to look for the "police connection" section and activate it by clicking on the button.

3 - Select Austria Feratel and add your Community number (Gemeinde) and Mapping code (Objektcode).

4 - Validate the connection until it is marked as "completed".

5 - Click on save.

In case you get an error while trying to validate the credentials added in Chekin it may be for 2 reasons:

- codes added in Chekin are not correct;

- municipality has not activated the connection of your Feratel interface in those units to Chekin

If you want to check if credentials are correct or not you have to copy and paste this link on the browser searcher:

Then next to betriebnr= you have to erase XXXX and put the mapping code and also erase the XXXX next to oestat= and replace them with the community number.

Then you click on Enter so the browser will give you an answer. If you get the below answer we suggest you to reach out to the local office because credentials may be not correct or they just forgot to activate the connection with Chekin:

Activate the Guests Cards generation and sending

Chekin is the only software for the online check-in that offers you not only the possibility to send guests data automatically to Feratel but also to request Feratel to generate the guest cards for the guests and send an email to them automatically with the cards attached.

In order to automate this, you just need to activate this toggle in the Legal section in the Properties tab:

Once activated we will ask to guests also for their private email address and once we send guests data to Feratel we will require Feratel also to generate the guest cards for those guests and provide them with those cards via email :)

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