Hostify Integration

Learn how the integration between Hostify and Chekin works

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The connection with Hostify must be done on the account creation process.

Note: If you already have a Chekin account without the integration, please contact us using the chat or sending an email to [email protected] for further assistance.

You can create an account clicking the following button:

Connect with Hostify

In the new account form:

1. Complete all personal data

1. Complete all personal data

2. Select "Yes" to connect a PMS

2. Select

3. Select "Hostify" from the options and click "continue"

Enter "Hostify" in the field.

3. Select

4. Click "Enter your API token"

Click on the "Enter your API token" field again and enter your API token in the field.


5. Click "Connect with Hostify"

Click on the "Connect with Hostify" button.


What information is synchronised between Chekin and Hostify?

Some data is sent back from Chekin to your Hostify account. In the table below what data is synchronised between both platforms and what you can expect from the integration once you have created your account.


I am a Chekin user already, can I use my existing account for the Hostify integration?

Unfortunately not, the connection with Hostify requires to create a new Chekin account. So download all the documentation from the old one and then connect to Chekin via Hostify. Contact us in order to delete your former account.

How can I add bookings to my Chekin account?

All your Hostify bookings will be synced in your Chekin account, so you don’t need to generate them again!

Is the online check-in link retrieved in my Hostify account so I can add it to my PMS auto emails/messages?

For this integration we don’t send the online check-in link back to the PMS.

Is Chekin sending guests data back to my Hostify account?

For this integration we don’t send guests data back to the PMS.

Is Chekin able to retrieve the source of the booking from Hostify? (e.g.:, Airbnb, Direct Booking)

Yes, for this integration we do sync the booking source from the PMS.

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