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Information about the MRZ and its importance when using the scanner feature

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The scanner feature is a very fast and wasy way to complete the guest information in a few seconds wihtout having to type in their data. The technology we use uss the MRZ data of the documents to read the information of the document and autocomplete the fields.

What's the MRZ?

For its intiaials, Machine Readable Zone, is the area of any document that has all the important information such as name and birth date amongs other data. This "zone" is a code that consist of 2 or 3 lines of basic characters (letters and numbers) separated by the symbol " < ". Here's an example of the MRZ of a Spanish ID:

What information contais the MRZ?

Since this space is limited depending on the size of the document, usually the data is always the same:

  • Document type (If ID, passport, etc.)

  • Nationality of the document

  • Document number

  • Birth date

  • Sex

  • Expiration date

  • Nationality of the person

  • Full name

Note: The scanner detects the information available in the MRZ code, any information that is not there, cannot be captured.

Some special cases

German IDs: Some old ID's from Germany don't have the gender on the MRZ code, so it's not possible to obtain that data, you have to select it manually

French IDs. The MRZ doesn't have the expiration date on the code, so you will have to complete the data manually.

Long names/surnames: For people who have many names and surnames, the data will be incomplete because it simply doesn't fit on the document because of the character limitation on the MRZ code. Usually the name gets cut when reaching the maximum, Example:




In the example above the full name should be "NAME ALONGSURNAME SECONDSURNAME", however, the character count reached the maximum before complete the name so the characters just shows "NA" so the scanner will fill the name field with just NA, since there's no more information, you will have to complete the rest of the name.

Using the scanner

You can use the scanner in all our services to read the MRZ code of the documents and autocomplete as much information as possible. The scanner is available for both the web dashboard and the mobile app, click on the link for each platform to obtain more information:

  • Scanning document in the Dashboard

  • Scanning documents from the Mobile app

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