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Connect an iCal Calendar to your Property
Connect an iCal Calendar to your Property

How to connect and synchronize iCal calendars to you properties in order to import bookings automatically.

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If you don't have any PMS account and you only work with OTAs (Online Travel Agency) such as Airbnb,, Expedia among others, you can add your iCal calendar to you properties to synchronize and import reservations automatically.


  • The sync is one way only, from iCal to the Chekin.

  • Number of guest are not included on the iCal.

To learn more about how iCal works, visit the next article:How do iCal Works in Chekin?

You can add up to 3 iCals in the same property from different external OTAs:

  • Airbnb


  • Other

For the "Other" field you can paste any type of iCal that is not Airbnb or Booking, however please note that some companies generates the iCal with different information and could not properly work, if that's the case you can contact support to investigate the iCal data.

To connect an iCal Calendar

1 - Find the iCal link and copy it.

2 - Go to your dashboard and click on the Properties section.

3 - Select the property you'd like to connect the iCal.

4 - Scroll down to the bottom until you see the iCals Connection section.

5 - Click the switch to activate it and show the available options (Airbnb, Booking, Other).

6 - Paste the iCal link to the corresponding field.

7 - Click Save Changes.

iCal connection

After saving changes the system will read the information on the iCal and created any reservations that have check-in date "today" and onwards. Past reservations won't be created.

Notice: After the first connection, the iCals are synchronized every 30 min to check for new reservations. For more information, visit: How iCals Work on Chekin?

If you are having trouble importing your iCal on the "Other" category, please contact support with the following information:

  • Your iCal link.

  • A screenshot of the original calendar showing the reservations that do not show on your Chekin account.

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