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Chekin API Postman Collection
Chekin API Postman Collection

Here's a useful collection for Postman if you're using Chekin API services

Updated over a week ago

If you are using Chekin API services, sometimes you just need to make a quick test without reviewing the full documentation.

We put together a Postman collection for you to download it so you can easily start testing the API with the most common features.

To get the Postman collection click the following link: Download the collection

What's included?

In this collection you can find premade HTTP request for the core features of Chekin:

  • POST - Create account

    • POST - -Token

  • GET - Country division levels

  • POST - Create booking source

    • GET - Booking sources

  • POST - Create housing

    • GET - Housings

  • POST - Police account validation

    • GET - Police account validation

    • PATCH - Set police account

  • POST - Create reservation

    • GET - Reservation

  • PATCH - Register guest

  • POST - OCR picture

    • GET - OCER check

This Postman collection will be updated frequently to add more premade request for other Chekin's features.

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