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Chargeback Protection 🔒
Chargeback Protection 🔒

We protect your transactions from fraud related chargeback using 3D Secure Authentication.

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If you activated the Payment Settings to start charging your customer via the Online check-in, we have you protected for possible fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

What's a Chargeback?

A chargeback happens when the cardholder request the bank to revert the transaction since they don't recognize it. Chargebacks are meant to protect the consumer but often could be overutilized to commit fraud. Some difference between chargebacks and refunds.

Refunds: The cardholder contacts the business to get the money back. The business can evaluate if it's a valid request as per the refund policy or not, and decide what to do.

Chargeback: The cardholder contacts the bank to forcibly take the money from the business. An investigation follows and if the banks feels the cardholder is valid, funds are removed from business account.

3D Secure Authentication Protection

Payments that have been successfully authenticated using our 3D Authentication are covered by a liability shift.

The liability shift is a change in how banks and processing networks handle certain types of credit card fraud.

Should a 3D Authenticated payment be disputed as fraudulent by the cardholder, the liability shifts from you to the card issuer. These types of disputes are handled internally, do not appear in the Dashboard.

How Does A Transaction Become Authenticated?

3D Secure Authentication is additional layer of protection provided by the card issuer. 3D Secure Authentication uses hundreds of data elements in order to make a decision.

The authentication demands multi-factor authentication using at least 2 of the following methods:

  • Something you know: Pin or password.

  • Something you have: phone or device.

  • Something you are: facial scan or fingerprint

If the cardholder didn't request the transaction it will get the multi-factor authentication with the option to reject the transaction. This minimize the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

What Happens If Fraudulent Transaction Occurs?

If the cardholder used 3D Authentication, means that you are not responsible for chargebacks if the cardholder says that they did not used the card for making a purchase. The card-issuing bank is responsible for chargebacks for Maestro, MasterCard and Visa.

In short, you are protected against misleading chargebacks since the liability is transferred to the bank which will have to deal with the cardholder directly.

Enable Chargeback Protection

By default, all transactions made through the online check-in have already the 3D secure authentication enabled. Guests will be prompted on their device or emailed a link to complete an additional authentication step before they can complete the purchase flow.

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