BookingSync Integration

Learn how the integration between BookingSync and Chekin works

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If you're using BookingSync as your main Property Management System, you can connect your BookingSync account with Chekin to automatically import reservations with all it's data.

This is a quick guide to help you connecting your BookingSync account to Chekin and set up the basics.


  1. Registration in Chekin and connection

  2. Set up

  3. End of trial period: how to subscribe

  4. How to disconnect from Chekin

  5. Which info is synced with the integration and which are Chekin main features?

  6. How to get support from Chekin Team

  7. FAQs


To connect BookingSync to Chekin you have to create a new account.

Note: if you already have a Chekin account created, please contact support for further assistance.

1 - Go to the Chekin registration page and complete the basic information and click continue:

2 - Complete the business information required and select BookingSync in the list of PMS. Click Continue.

3 - Next, click on Connect with BookingSync button to start the connection process:

4 - You will be redirected to BookingSync log in page, use your BookingSync credentials to log in to authorize the connection.

Note: If you are already logged in before starting the registration, the page won’t ask for the login and will take you to the next step.

5 - Confirm the connection by clicking Authorize.

Once authorized you will be redirected back to Chekin dashboard where you will how the information from your BookingSync account it's being added to your Chekin account.

Note: Property and reservation import could take a couple of minutes to finalize.

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