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Allow Access to Camera in Chrome (Mobile/Tablet)
Allow Access to Camera in Chrome (Mobile/Tablet)

How to allow camera access on Android or iOS devices

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When you initially enter a waiting room or login to your Dashboard, you will be prompted to enable your camera and mic for use during a call.

Please make sure to select Allow.

Allow camera chrome mobile

Re-enable a blocked camera

If your camera is blocked in Chrome or if you blocked the access by accident, follow the next steps re-enable the access.

1 - Tap the Lock icon located near the left side of the browser bar.

2 - Select "Site settings".

Unblock camera chrome mobile

3 - Select "Access your camera".

4 - Change from block to Allow.

Change chrome access to allow

5 - Go back and refresh the page

Note: It's important to refresh the page to see the changes effective.

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