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Activate and Setup Tourist Taxes
Activate and Setup Tourist Taxes

How to activate tourist taxes on your property to charge the amount to your guests.

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If in your country or region, the tourist taxes needed to be paid by your guest, with the Tourist Taxes feature in Chekin you can automate that process even before their arrival.

Important: In order to activate the tourist taxes, first you need to set up your "Payments Settings"

Note: this tool has a transactional fee of 1.5%+0.99€ per each transaction.

Activate Tourist Taxes

If you already have your Payment settings set up, follow the next steps to activate the tourist taxes:

1. Go to your Properties and select the property you want to activate the taxes.

2. Scroll down until the you find the "Tourist taxes" section

When you activate the feature a pop-up will prompt to start the setup process.

Taxes setup

Tip: If you already set up taxes on another property and don't want to repeat the process, you can click on the text "Would you like to import this set up from another property?"

1 - Select if the taxes rate changes depending on the season follow by the option if you need to charge a percentage of the booking price or if you need to set the price manually.

Seasonal Rates

If your previous choice was that if the rates depend on the season, select the date range and price/night or the percentage/booking (depending on your previous selection) for each season:

Non-Seasonal Rates

In the event that the rates do not vary depending on the season, add directly the tourist tax per night and by age range that each guest will have to pay.

2 - If you have any exceptions on the tax payment by age, click "yes" and add the the maximum age that won't need to pay taxes. For example: If you add less than 18, all ages from 0 to 17 won't have to pay taxes.

If you don't have any exceptions, just click "No" and proceed to the next step.

3 - Select if there are other types of exceptions that your guest could in case the apply. Select multiple options from the list.

If you country/region doesn't have exceptions click on "There are no exceptions" to proceed directly to the final step.

4 - Select if there's a maximum number of nights that are taxable, your guest will only be required to pay taxes according to the price set and the maximum number of nights, any extra nights won't be added to the tax calculation.

If your country/region doesn't have a maximum number of taxable nights, click "Finish".

After completing the process, you will see all the information in your property. Don't forget to click "Save Changes" to save your tourist taxes settings in the property.

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