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Activate and setup Identity Verification
Activate and setup Identity Verification

In this article we will explain the steps to follow to activate this tool and the possibilities it offers.

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Activate Identity Verification

  1. Go to the properties section of the dashboard and go to your property settings.

  2. Scroll down until you find the "Identity Verification" section.

When you activate this tool, a pop-up will appear to start the configuration process.

Note: by activating this tool, your guests will have to use the camera during the Chekin online, so it will be necessary for them to give access to the camera in the browser (see articles of interest).

Setup of Identity Verification

1 - You must choose between one of the two identity verification options, "official document + selfie" or "official document only".

2 - You must then choose whether identity verification is mandatory or optional.

3 - Third, once you have chosen one of the options to verify the identity of your guests, you can choose to have it done by the main guest or by all guests.

4 - Finally, save the changes in your property once you have finished the configuration and the tool will be fully active.

Official document + selfie

This alternative gives us the possibility to compare the selfie of your guest with the photo of the document (ID card, passport...). It is important that both the photo of the document and the selfie are taken with good lighting, as the tool will obtain a percentage of similarity between both photos.

Important: the photo must be taken from the front of the document only.

Note: in future updates it will be necessary to also take a photograph of the MRZ code of the document (usually on the back of the document).

Official document only

If you select this option, your guests will not have to take a selfie to verify their identity, just the photo of their ID card/passport is enough. In this case they should take the photo of the MRZ code mentioned above.

Note: MRZ code is that series of numbers and symbols usually found on the back of documents.

Errors during Identity Verification

Your guests may experience errors while doing the identity verification. Here are the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

Official document + selfie

If you choose this option, the identity verification may give a negative result. The result being that the biometric scanner may not find a match between the selfie and the ID document. When this happens, the guest can either repeat the process until it is positive or continue. If he/she decides to continue, the selfie and the ID photo will appear in the booking, in which case you can check them and decide if they are valid or send a request to your guest to repeat the identity verification without having to re-register his/her data.

Official document only

If you choose this option and your guest receives this error message, he will not be able to continue with the process. He will have to repeat the photo until the MRZ code looks good enough for the scanner to accept it.

Where can I check the attached documentation?

Guest documentation can be checked directly from the booking. Inside the booking you will have to scroll down until you find the "Photos" section, just below the "Guest information". You can view them directly by clicking on the eye icon or download them directly by clicking on the blue download button.

Official document + selfie

Official document only

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