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How to add and setup your properties
How to add and setup your properties
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Add properties to manage your bookings with Chekin

To start using Chekin you first have to add your properties.

You have to follow this step only if you are not using any PMS integration available or if your PMS is one of these: Siteminder, Beds24, Booking Automation or Planyo. In case you are using another PMS you can skip this first paragraph :)

In order to add a property click on "Properties" from the main menu and then click on “New Property” to start the process.

Complete your property details

On the page of a specific property you will find out these main sections to be be completed in order to start managing your bookings:

  1. Property Information

  2. Police Connection*

  3. Statistics Connection*

  4. Online Check-in

  5. Contracts

  6. iCals Connection

(*) Note: Police and statistics connections availability depends on the country selected.

Property information

Select the country of your property and complete all the required information. The fields to be filled in change from country to country since these data will be then used to generate the guest registration form that has different requirements depending on the local laws.

Police Connection

In this section, if in your country/region is required to send data to the Police, you will have to add the credentials of your police account so you can connect Chekin to that. You will see the available police connections depending on the country of the property.

Note: in case you don't have the credentials yet, make sure to reach out to your local authorities as soon as possible to get an account and then complete the setup of the unit in Chekin.

Add the user, password and any other required data if requested from Chekin and then click on "validate" to make sure that the connection is working.

By activating the police connection the data of your guests will be sent automatically to your police account.

Tip: Guests data are sent every day at 23:00 of the local time of your property, you could also send them immediately by entering the specific reservation and clicking on Send manually button within the Police status pane. Learn more about the sending times and options.

Statistics Connection

Similar to the police connection, you can connect your account in case you are required in your country to send data to the Statistics Institute. The proces is the same, select the satatistics institute and add your username and pasword to validate the connection.

If you want more information about the police/statistical connection of each country we leave you here this help article where you can find that information:

Online Check-in

Send automatically an online registration form to your guests. When do you want to reach out to them? Pick up the scheduling options that best fit your specific case.

We suggest yo uto select all the options: we will stop sending the reminders once all the guests of a reservation have completed the online registration.


In this section you can activate the generation of a short-term rental agreement to be signed by the main guest during the check-in process. When activated, the contract will be applied to all reservations of that property.

The contract includes information of the legal representative of the property (either a legal or physical person). Additional fields need to be completed.

iCals Connection

Add the iCals links of your and/or Airbnb accounts to automatically create reservations based on the iCal information.

You can add other iCals but take into account that they might not import all data since every company has a different format for the iCals.

Tip: If you have a PMS or Channel Manager we suggest to user one of our integrations, here's a list of the available options.

Note: If your account is integrated with a PMS, there is no need to add iCal, as the bookings come to Chekin directly through the integration.

Once you have added all this info don’t forget to click on SAVE PROPERTY, if everything is in order you'll see a pop-up with a success message, otherwise, missing information will be highlighted in red for correction.

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