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End of trial period: how to subscribe
End of trial period: how to subscribe

In this article you can find how to activate your Chekin account after your trial period

Updated over a week ago

Once you connect to Chekin you have a trial period of 2 weeks where you can register all the guests you receive in your accommodations.

When the trial ends, you need to complete your subscription to continue using the service. You can do this clicking on "subscribe now".

In order to subscribe after the trial, simply click on “Subscribe” and follow these steps:

1 - First, select the number of rooms or properties (for vacation rentals) of your subscription. The minimum for hotel plan is 20 rooms.

2 - Then, select your preferred billing period. You can choose between a monthly or a yearly subscription.

3 - Lastly, introduce your credit card’s details and proceed to pay for the subscription.

4 - Your Chekin subscription is complete!

Once you have an active subscription and a valid payment method, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the period. You can change between monthly and yearly subscription whenever you want, and any changes in the number of active rooms or properties will automatically update your subscription so Chekin will charge you only for the active properties or rooms during the corresponding period. In the Billing section you can also check past invoices.

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