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How to be legal compliant thanks to Chekin?
How to be legal compliant thanks to Chekin?

Do you need to submit your guest data to the authorities? Chekin offers you a solution to comply with this process and do it automatically.

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To whom should I send the data?

Depending on the country or area you live in, you should send the data to a different police force. For example, in Spain there are 4 different police forces to whom you can send your guest data and each one has its own website. We have the Policía Nacional, the Guardia Civil, the Mossos d'Esquadra and the Ertzaintza. In other countries, such as Italy or Portugal, you have to send your details to the Polizia di Stato or the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SIBA).

We attach here a video that explains how to activate the police connection:

Note: If the property is in Italy, you can also activate the ISTAT connection for the region in which it is located.

IMPORTANT: For SIBA (Portugal) you have to select "Pagina no portal" as preferred delivery method, if you have configured any other delivery method, Chekin will not be able to upload your guest data to your police page.

What should I do?

You have to generate a entry form for each guest you receive and then send it to the authorities' website. The form must be sent on the day of the check-in date of the booking or up to 24 hours later. Once this form has been uploaded, it must also be registered in the guest book with the corresponding numbering. In order to carry out this process through Chekin, you must follow the following steps:

1 - You must go to the dashboard and access the "properties" tab and enter the property.

2 - Select the country where your property is located.

3 - Then you have to look for the "police connection" section and activate it by clicking on the button.

4 - Select the police to which you are going to send the shipments and add your username and password.

5 - Validate the connection until it is marked as "completed".

6 - Click on save.

Note: the connection to ISTAT is very similar, you must look for the "ISTAT connection" box and follow the same process, selecting the region and validating the access credentials.

IMPORTANT: do not forget to enter all the information about your property, because if you do not add it, it will not appear in the generated travellers' report.

How do I register guests with Chekin?

In order for us to be able to send your guests' details to the authorities, we need them to be registered with Chekin. You can do this in several different ways.

Once the guests are registered, we will find different statuses in the bookings:

  • Complete: guests registered and forwarding to authorities done correctly.

  • Incomplete: the system detects that a guest has not yet checked in or is waiting for the automatic sending of data to the police (this is done on the day of the check-in date at 23:00h).

  • Error: there is an error in the data entered by the guests and there has been a failure when registering with the police. In this case the error must be investigated and the necessary changes must be made in order to complete the booking.

Note: if you don't want to wait for the automatic submission at 23:00h, you can click on "send manually" to register at that time.

Where can I find the documentation generated?

To do this, you must go to the "documentation" section of the online dashboard, where you will find several small sections, in this case the one we are interested in is the first one, "entry forms".

IMPORTANT: the documentation can only be reviewed from the web, it is not possible to view it in the app.

The "entry forms" section includes the traveller reports generated for all your guests sorted by booking. You also have the option to filter by property to see the reports generated for each specific property.

In the same section, you have a button called "guestbook", which includes all the parts of the same dwelling in numerical order and allows you to download them. These books are stored for the legally required period of time.

Note: it is possible to change the start number of the guestbook to start with the numbering of your choice.

What other options does Chekin offer me?

If you access the settings of your property, you will find more tools that will help you to comply with the legal requirements of the authorities.

First we have the contracts, which will be signed by your guests during the online check in. Chekin allows you to add clauses to the contract, such as information about deposits made by your guests.

Note: Only the signature of the main host appears on the contract.

On the other hand, we have identity verification, which will allow you to verify your guest's identity during online check-in, using a photo of the document and a selfie of your guest or simply with a photo of the document itself.

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